A Way of the Cross


The way of the cross is a major annual event in the catholic church.

The Stations of the Cross are a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a normal man and focus on specific events of that day, beginning with his condemnation.

The stations are commonly used as a mini pilgrimage as people move from station to station, meditating on a specific event from Christ’s last day. Specific prayers are recited, then the individuals move to the next station until all 14 are complete. These are accompanied with energetic singing.

The Stations of the Cross are commonly staged in churches but quite often, they will try to utilize hills and water sources where available (for the Ugandan case)

I guess it comes from the Bible which depicts water as a symbol of faith, salvation and provision.

I personally spent exactly 10 years in catholic schools and I have vivid memories of a number of these processions in mind. The last time I was a part of one of them was probably 9 years ago when I finished my secondary education.

Recently, I bumped into a group of people from Namasale in Amolatar District (Catholic and Anglican churches combined) who carried the procession to a landing site from where I was awaiting to catch a ferry.

Our encounter lasted approximately 15 minutes and all photographs were shot on 85mm.  I have been sitting on the files and I thought blogging them was a better alternative than having them un published.


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